Chelsea Schroeder


Marketer, Photographer, Designer

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Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, residing in the San Francisco bay. Passionate branding enthusiast. Specializing in giving luxury-sector SMBs a competitive edge through obsessive understanding of the unique customer base. A storyteller who is marketing-jargon-averse, I speak my audience's language in a visual and contextual way, pairing words and images together to bring their aspirations to life. 

I'm passionate about telling the story behind a brand, whether it be in creating intimacy between the founders and the consumers, or helping the everyday artisans and craftsman behind the scenes breathe life into luxury goods. Showcasing a product or experience's tangible and intangible value, which reflects the customer's vision of themselves they aspire to live out every day, is where the rubber hits the road with my marketing philosophy.

Good marketing makes the company look smart. Great marketing makes the customer feel smart.
— Joe Chernov